zondag 29 juni 2008

The philosopher

Red city, red sky reflected in the clouds.
With a clear sky it would be darker
Than yesterday or the day before
The remainders of the week
Have been devoured by rats
I too was looking for a meal

My head was so empty.

Somebody gave me some money,
I euphorically masturbated in an alleyway

De-rush the people
and they will hate you for who you used to be
For a warm meal I'll give you my soul
and my immortality.


To die is to be forgotten miss,
To die is just like you step
Out of God's dreams.

And God sometimes has nightmares.

Einstein once said that if the next war
is fought with nuclear weapons,
That the fight after that one will be with sticks and stones.

Let's hope God doesn't wake up then.


The storytellers sit with one another
In the shade, enjoying small strong coffees
Or ‘libres’

Those black polka dotted domino's
On the crumbling wall a photograph
of two bearded men
exchanging amused conversation

"History will show I'm right" and
"The old man and the sea"
Storytellers tell...
about thousands of refugees. People on the run
a pig-filled inlet
and sharks and adventures.

And that only the storytellers will remain,
but that there is none left to listen.